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About Pastebag.com


Pastebag.com is a website service where you can save and share text. Even though our service is mainly used by programmers to save, share and collaborate code, test logs and configuration data, but you are welcome to use all of our facilities! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team “welcome@pastebag.com” Please remember that this is a public Pastebag which might contain links and data which could direct you to content that is already on the internet. This is not content hosted by Urlbag or Pastebag. Pastebag was previously Urlbag Pastebin.




Our Policies


However, we require all users to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy, by continuing you accept these policies.


use this service for spamming or linking to content that may harm other users.

Do not use this service for pastes that are either executable/package files (like .apk, .zip, .exe, .dmg, etc.) or that contain only IP addresses, or for shortening URL re-directors (either off urlbag.com/urlb.ag or via other URL shortening services).

Any such use may result in the paste & url being disabled. We may also choose to report to appropriate local authorities.



… also please do NOT post the following:


- your or anyone else’s personal information and/or data (names, phone numbers, financial information, email lists etc...)

- your or anyone else’s login details (username, email, phone number, password etc...) to anything or private information etc...

- copyrighted source code

- illegal information and/or data (for example pornographic, alcohol related, smoking/drugs, etc...

- any sized spam links (including the promotion of your own website)




Please use this form to request the content to be takedown (under applicable laws) and use this form to report abuse and if it’s violating our policies. When using the above forms, please quote "Pastebag" to ensure you do not submit a request for an Urlbag URL. Pastebag was previously Urlbag Pastebin.





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